María García-Barberena Unzu


Maria GBMaría García Barberena has worked for TRAMA for 10 years. Graduated from the University of Navarra in 2002, she is currently finalizing her PhD in Archaeology in the same University with a dissertation on the urban planning of the Roman city of Pompelo. During the period from 1996 – 2004 she has combined her studies with internships and work experience specialized in archaeology and in excavations directed by the Gabinete TRAMA S.L and in other projects by the Government of Navarra. She has also excavated in the Monte Testaccio in Rome.

Since 2005 she has developed her professional activity as an archaeologist inside the company Gabinete TRAMA S.L as the person responsible for the scientific management excavations which lies in supervising and coordinating the fieldworks, business work and laboratory work: classifying and studying materials, documentation and realizing projects and scientific reports. She has also participated in several national and international congresses and conferences. She has more than 10 journal articles and specialized monographic works. She has given archaeology sessions in urban archaeology at the University of Navarra and in summer courses for the UNED (The National Distance Education University). She regularly takes part in specialized conferences organized by the media, such as Diario de Navarra and Pamplona´s Council.

Her current research at the Cathedral complex of Pamplona involves a detailed project of the archaeological restoration in cooperation with Mercedes Unzu.