María Jesús Peréx Agorreta Ph.D


Maria PerexDr. Peréx has a B.A in Geography and History with a specialty in Ancient history. She earned her Ph.D. in Ancient history from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid in 1985. She is the director of the Ancient History department since 2004. She has also carried out duties and a great diversity of academic positions in the faculty of Geography and History in the UNED (The National Distance Education University), such as Secretary for the faculty, vice-dean planning academic, etc. Nowadays she is a member of the faculty meeting at the UNED representing the teachers’ staff since 2002. Dean of the Faculty of Geography and History in the UNED from January 2011.

Her main lines of thinking are about the population of the Vascon territory during the Roman times and the worship towards the thermal springs in the Iberian Peninsula in the antiquity.

She has written more than 30 papers and monographs in specialized national and international magazines and in several series of conferences. She was the director of the archaeological works done at Espinal (Navarra), sponsored by the Education and Culture Department of the Government of Navarra, through the Principe de Viana Institution, during the period of 1986-1995. These studies have helped to locate two cremation necropolis from the High Empire (1st and 2nd centuries AD) and a human settlement identified as Iturissa, a Vascon city which was mentioned by Ptolomeo (in collaboration with Mercedes Unzu). She was the director of the archaeological works done at the village of Ibero in 1995 with the final objective of locating the Roman baths.

She has coordinated the project VBI AQVAE IBI SALVS: ATLAS DE AGUAS MINEROMEDICINALES, TERMAS CURATIVAS Y CULTO A LAS AGUAS EN LA HISPANIA ANTIGUA, awarded by the vice-chancellors office of the research department in the UNED.