Every week the archaeologists will prepare seminars and workshops on the fieldwork about the archaeology and the history of Pamplona.


Theory classes will be divided into different areas aimed to complement the fieldwork and allow for a better development of the archaeological work. The different areas will be the following:

1- The archaeological method. This offers an overview of trends and evolution of the archeology components with a special focus on the Harris method.

2- The historical evolution, since the Protohistory up to the contemporary period in Navarra.

3- Spatial Archaeology. Localization and identification of archaeological sites, archaeology survey  techniques and cartographic tools.

4- Drawing of the materials. Basic notions about the standards in pottery drawing along the stone industry.

5- Archaeology of the death.  A review of the cultural evolution and material evidence that permits us comprehend a great part of the western civilization.

6- Fortification evolution. Since the protohistorical period up to the contemporary era, using as an example Pamplona´s fotifications.

7- The material culture. From the different periods that we can find when excavating Inside this part of the course there will be an emphasis in:

-Roman pottery, basic notions of  identification, chronology, modes of production and trade.

-Roman Numismatic, they will learn to identify and classify the different coins from the Roman period.

-Medieval and modern pottery, basic notions about its evolution and chronologic typology.

These sessions will have the possibility to manage the archaeological materials so they can become familiar with them reinforcing in this way the knowledge acquired theoretically.