Middle Ages


ArchaeOccidens Plano General Mayo 2012In the center of the excavation area there is a big structure with a rectangular shape. Built after 1150, as the discovery (below the floor) of two coins dating from the King Sancho VI “The Wise” (1150-1194) indicates. It is a structure made with a rudimentary and provisional product. A large surface of this stone was later reused to build up the current building.


The building’s floor is a simple layer of clay. Inside some of the perimeter parts, a few sun-dried bricks remain, which probably worked as an isolation system. Therefore, we tend to think that this could have been part of an auxiliary construction to the Cathedral complex. It might have functioned either as a temporary ancient pilgrim accommodation, or as a working area for the guilds that used to take part in the Cathedral building.

This building had a short life; its dismantling concurred with the Episcopal Palace building.