Carmen Jusué Simonena Ph.D.


Carmen JusuePh.D. in History from University of Navarra, Associate Professor, also has performing a Master in Public Management (2009 – 2010) and a Master in Quality Management of University Centers ( 2011-2012 ) .

Specialist in medieval archaeology, has participated in numerous congresses and conducted several specialized conferences and specialized courses and doctoral courses related to the history of Navarre..

His research has focused on various archaeological, historical and ethnographic aspects mainly related to Navarre, which have resulted in the publication of over 100 journals articles and more than a dozen books editions. He has also participated as Chief Editor in multi-volume works as Gran Atlas de Navarra, Catedral de Pamplona o La Gran Enciclopedia de Navarra. 

Other of her main lines of researching are topics related to the Camino de Santiago, she has published several books and articles and has lectured several conferences about this topic.

Superior Technician in public examination of the Government of Navarra, She has been Director of Libraries and Publications therein. Currently she is General Secretary of the Associate Center of UNED in Pamplona and also is Professor of Archaeology, Prehistory in this Associate Center.